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Established 2007 (Caropsyne Year: )
Headquartered Terese Caldana, Fornænda
Hub airports Fornænda International Airport
Ariatra International Airport
Polmona International Airport
Focus airports Cayaco International Airport
Yordagorsk Regional Airport
Assets T1,998,008,117,129 (est. 06/2007)
Company value T5,907,338,095,007 (est. 06/2007)
Employees 87,173 (6/2007)
Fleet size 100
Destinations 49
Loyalty system None
Alliance OneWorld
Flight code JetC
CEO Kibayasu Jimmulen
COO Niteloho Koirolen
PRM Mitokka Etsantamaa
Slogan "Getting You There"
Quality of Service Unrated

JetCarops is a newly-created low-cost (or budget) airline in the Caropsyne Pontonare as a major competitor to the State-run Pontonare Airways. Created by the Caldari Megacorporation, Kaalaikoita; due to the government’s inefficiency to accept a bid to purchase the airline and the already well-known fact that the citizenry of the Pontonare would go on a major national strike if the airline was given to foreign investors, Kaalaikoita decided to abandon its bidding war and instead decided that they would compete with it directly with Pontonare Airways for the heavily controlled Domestic market.

The budget airline is ambitious from the start with a fleet of 100 planes and 47 destinations (see below), they have shown the government that they will fight the Government-controlled airline, no matter where they fly. JetCarops, since funded by the Kaalaikoita Corporation has spared nothing for its passengers including free dining, Live TV for every seat on every aircraft and some of the best staff of any budget airline. The Civil Directorate, headed by Lord Almerond is quite shocked by Secretary Cattanna's approval of thier application and has stated to the press that he will do everything he can to prevent JetCarops' expansion which is yet to be seen.

[edit] Destinations

  • Domestic: Kimmlish, Aemont, Raagenfrost, Aemar, Fâelta, Gruunush, Triana, Ronarn, Aarna, Carmalse, Zarma, Svaeran, Goscé, Lasjana, Penosca, Canale, Fermana, Minarias, Rosphe, Timona, Tethgess, Ekesh, Pholamas, Sontforome, Lenorias, Phenoré, Koyti, Hran, Taerisz, Kanryk, Gresznin, Lenf, Edom, Herspor, Ertan, Ferlaria, Selad, Gamt, Cermalas, Larmas Calpé, Corimanté
  • International: Xi'an, Patagon City, Capetown
  • Proposed: Coming Soon

[edit] Fleet

JetCarops Fleet
Aircraft Passengers
Embraer 190 63 (6/135)
Embraer 195 12 (12/110)
Embraer 170 16 (122)
Embraer 175 7 (122)
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